Consumer Unit Upgrades

Fire Damaged Consumer Unit
Damaged Consumer Unit

Most pre1980's fuse boards are of part wooden construction and not fired rated, have rewireable fuses and no RCD protection,  The main earthing and earth bonding are generally undersized or in some cases absent. The latest 18th Edition metal consumer units have been developed to contain a fire (most consumer units are under the stairs or in the escape route of the property). The unit comes complete with MCB's (Miniature Circuit Breaker) and RCD's (Residual Current Device). MCB's provide overload protection and RCD's provide fault protection - combined they are known as RCBO's.


When your old consumer unit is upgraded the whole electrical installation is inspected and tested. Any defects found or departures from the current IEE Electrical Regulations will be repaired or highlighted.


On completion, certification is provided and Building Control notified (Part P).

Replacing the consumer unit will give the home and more importantly you and your family greater protection.

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Old Consumer Unit
Replacement Metal Consumer Unit
Old Consumer Unit in Outbuilding
Replacement Metal Consumer Unit